2011 ES4 – Small but Close

For September 1, 2020 NASA schedules the close passage of asteroid 2011 ES4. “Close” meaning 0.32 LD, where LD stands for lunar distance which in this context is 382,400km. So it comes as close as 122,368km.

Currently August 11, 2020, the asteroid 2011 ES4 is here:

Fig.1 – 2011 ES4 orbit as per NASA JPL

It’s size is given as being between 22 and 49 metres. So it’s not too large and difficult or impossible to view with a telescope.

In theory it is visible from Zurich, Switzerland but only via long exposure photography – and if you can find a place dark enough:

Fig. 2 – Asteroid 2011 ES4 according to TheSkyLive