Two Tropical Storms on Way to Louisiana Coast

There are two tropical cyclone systems that are moving towards the Louisiana coast. Both at the time of writing have tropical storm (TS) strength.

Laura has its center located above Haiti. It is farther away from Louisiana and thus its future track is still somewhat uncertain, but it is currently forecasted to move to the Louisiana coast and make landfall somewhere West of New Orleans on Wednesday evening. However, future forecasts for Laura might still change significantly. Laura is expected to have Hurricane (H) strength before making landfall.
Marco has its center located North of the Yucatan peninsula and is closer tow Louisiana. The track is somewhat less uncertain and NOAA’s National Hurricane forecasts have it making landfall close to New Orleans on the morning of Monday, Aug. 24. Marco is expected to have Hurricane (H) strength when it approaches the shore.

People and authorities in the area certainly might want to keep an eye or two on both tropical storms and make the necessary preparations.

As of Aug. 23, 00:00 UTC the following amount of rainfall is predicted over a 24 hour period: