COVID19 Situation in the Americas

I couldn’t find much of an overview of how the COVID19 situation looks like in the Americas, so I gathered some numbers from Google/Wikipedia about deaths in the countries in North and South America. For the moment I left out a handful of Caribbean Islands, I’ll add them later on.

So which countries are doing well in terms of number of deaths in relation to the total number of inhabitants, and especially, where do the United States stand in comparison. The chart was made with R, and data from Google/Wikipedia, current as of Sep. 22, 2020:

This is to be taken with a grain of salt, however. I am pretty certain that the reporting standards and data quality differ vastly from one country to another (something to be researched). However, this is the picture you get, when you take the publicly available data from Google/Wikipedia.

US Hospitalisation & Deaths Numbers – State-by-State

I thought it would be nice to have a nice and quick visual presentation that shows, how the different states of the United States compare in terms of of COVID19 hospitalisations and deaths numbers, including D.C., Puerto Rico and US Territories. It’s been done with R and with data from The data is going up to Sep. 24, 2020:

There are larger version of these charts (4096x4096px) for viewing and download :

There’s also a chart comparing the deaths numbers of the 56 US states, territories and possessions, which also was made with R and data from (date current until Sep. 24, 2020):