La Palma Eruption: No Sign of Calming Down

While no longer in the news cycle, at least outside Spain, the volcano on La Palma shows no sign of winding down it’s eruption.
This morning (Nov. 30) alone, seismic activity was elevated, with 121 quakes one of which was 4.1 on Richter Scale, writes local newspaper Canarias7.

Earthquake activity in the last 83/90 days, according to IGN:

Seismic signals (volcanic tremors) today, according to IGN:

Also interesting: Where the lava is flowing into the sea:

Red Blob Shows where Lava has been or is flowing into the sea

It seems that as of this Monday, the volcano has ceased to emit material from its primary vent and shifted activity to its secondary vent. However, that’s not necessarily a sign of calming down, as this has happened twice already during this eruption cycle, writes Canarias7.

Seems we haven’t seen the last of this eruption.