Pandemic of the Unvaccinated? Not Anymore (continued)

I wrote about the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” (I’m using the term non-vaccinated) and how official numbers do not support that story-line – at least not for the UK – about a week ago. In the post, I cited from the COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report 48.

Data of hospitalisations in weeks 45 to 48:

Fig. 1 – Table of Hospitalizations in UK showing vaccinated/not-vaccinated status

Data of deaths in weeks 45 to 48:

Fig. 2– Table of Deaths in UK showing vaccinated/not-vaccinated status

So, the conclusion of last week still holds an is reinforced by the data from report week 49: It’s not a pandemic of the not-vaccinated. Starting at age bracket 40-49, there are more vaccinated hospitalisations and deaths than not-vaccinated.
Still true as well: Vaccination rates in the younger age brackets are not the same as in the higher age brackets (p. 15 and 16 in attached report).
Also it remains true, that from this data, we cannot infer that “vaccinations do not work”.