A Reminder that Tsunami Risks also exists in the Atlantic Region

Mostly missed this Morning: An earthquake of magnitude 6.6 on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge on Sep. 6, 2020 06:51UTC.

The depth was given as 10 km by both EMSC and USGS, so it was quite shallow.
Obviously, this directly affects no one, BUT since it was in the middle of the ocean there always is a risk of some underwater events causing a tsunami.

Luckily, this time the risk was assessed by USGS on Tsunami.gov as non-existent.

Fig. 2 – Tsunami warning: No Tsunami Expected. Source: tsunami.gov

However, this is a warning for US East Coast, Candad East Coast and Gulf of Mexico States. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be such a unique single source of information for Europa (or Africa or South America for that matter).