Parliamentary Elections in Kyrgyzstan: The same procedure as last elections…

The same procedure as last elections? The same procedure as every election! It is already a tradition in Kyrgyzstan to no accept results of elections in Kyrgyzstan, and have riots, regime change and calling of new elections immediately after the contested one:

Four parties demand re-election. A joint statement was made by the Ata-Meken, Uluttar Birimdigi, Social Democrats and Azattyk parties.
They stated that the failures on the CEC website ( were a prepared falsification of the voting results.
Meanwhile, Sadyr Zhaparov advised them to count the ballots manually.”
Until all ballots are completely counted and parties expressing dissatisfaction are satisfied, ballots cannot be moved. If the CEC is found to be rigged, all its members will be brought to justice. They will answer with their heads,” he wrote.

Source: Sputnik Kyrgyzstan Telegram

So what happened this time? Apparently the website of the Central Election Commission (CEC) failed, or rather had an error:

Why did the CEC website fail? The head of the Central Election Commission explained that two programs are used to display the results: the first automatically reads data from electronic ballot boxes, and the second reduces this data for display.
“To improve the visual presentation, we introduced an external table. This was done for easier visualization, but one small formula was laid incorrectly. It added two positions that should not have been added. It was immediately noticed and adjusted,” Nurzhan explained. Shaildabekova.
She said there were no glitches in the main system. The head of the CEC added that the count data can be easily verified, as each observer is given a sheet with the results of the count at the site.

Source: Sputnik Kyrgyzstan Telegram