About Zaporozhye NPP Accident Prediction Models

In recent days, we could see on social media some images and videos with ‘prediction of consequences of a serious nuclear accident in the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant’.
Here’s an example for August 29:

Fig. 1 – Image showing ‘Summary dose from all sources, potential for 14 days’
Fig. 2- Video showing ‘Effective doese from a cloud of all nucleides [mSv/year]

So, what do we see on these Energoatom videos and images?
According to their (very sparse) description, it shows ‘the consequences of a serious accident in the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant’.

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How NATO is developing Ukraine and teaching terrorist attacks in Crimea

Translated from Russian by Google. Original article is here.

The supply of weapons to Kiev from the United States and Britain is just the tip of the iceberg called “preparation for war with Russia.” Its invisible part – military bases, sabotage and cyber centers of information and psychological attacks

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg arrogantly denied Moscow the right to have its own sphere of influence and be against the entry of its neighbors into the North Atlantic Alliance. “Russia has no say in this matter, and it has no right to establish a sphere of influence by trying to control its neighbors,” he announced. But then he suddenly became emotional: “It’s a pity that Russia closed NATO offices in Moscow … We are ready to discuss sensitive issues. Including across Ukraine “.

In fact, NATO members interpret “sensitive issues on Ukraine” in their own way.

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Russia said to move troops to border with Ukraine

After Ukraine has moved troops and equipment to Donbass region and to the border with Crimea, Russia has (allegedly) started to move its own troops and equipment to all areas bordering Ukraine. It is said that Moscow intends to demonstrate that it will not stand idly by when Kiev regime forces attack Donbass.
One should remember what Putin said during a press conference in 2018 when asked:

“Kiev can launch an offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Donbas during the World Cup in Russia, what will happen then?!”
Putin replied: “Let them just try, then Ukraine will lose its statehood!

I post here a few sources with videos and images:

Please note, none of these videos images have been geo-located and dated, so I cannot confirm that they are accurate. However, in my opinion they probably are credibly depicting the situation.

Crimea Returns to Russia, March 16, 2014

Seven years ago, the citizens of Crimea decided in a referendum to rejoin Russia. Turonout was 83,1%, and 87.77% voted Yes to joining Russia.
There’s a nice document on the website of the Republic of Crimea looking into the legal aspects and the legality of this referendum.
Some of the key points:

  • Coup d’état on February 23, 2014 removed the constitutional order of Ukraine and the constitution was set aside;
  • Crimea continued to be governed by a locally elected legal government;
  • Crimea had a special legal status, and remained in Ukraine after 1991 only due to a legal compromise, which required a legal, democratically elected government in Kiew. The coup d’état destroyed that;
  • There were threats of violence and ethnic cleansing against the population of Crimea (65% Russian and 13% Crimean Tatars);
  • Action of Crimean government was founded in law and thus legal;
  • Sevastopol was not part of Crimea since Oct. 29, 1948 and was a legal subject of the Russian SFSR;
  • Transfer of Crimea from Russian SFSR to Ukraine in 1954 was illegal under the then constitutions of the USSR, Russian SFSR and Ukraine;
  • Sevastopol’s transfer to Crimea and Ukraine was never based on any legally normative act of the USSR or Russian SFSR and was an unilateral act of Ukraine;
  • The referendum was conducted in a democratic and transparent way;

Document in full (original source):

UAF Shells Village in DPR

⭐️🕙⭐️ Summary of the official representative of the People’s Militia of Donetsk People’s Republic

💥Violations of the ceasefire by the Ukrainian Armed Forces over the past day

♦ ️Over the past 24 hours, the armed formations of Ukraine have violated the Set of Additional Measures to Control Compliance with the Armistice FOUR times.
➖All violations were recorded in the Mariupol direction, where the militants of the Marine Corps battalion of the 36th brigade of the VFU, in violation of the SECOND clause of additional measures, from positions in the area of ​​the settlement of the item. VODYANOE TWICE opened fire from RPGs, AGS and grenade launchers in the area of ​​the settlement. LENINSKY, firing a total of SEVEN grenades.
❗️ In addition, in the Ukrainian positions in the area of ​​the settlement VODYANOE, at 14.27 and 14.51 FOUR explosions were recorded during the installation of additional minefields, which were carried out in order to exclude attempts to transfer subordinate military personnel to the side of the Republic.

Original Source in Russian: https://t.me/nm_dnr/2175

You can find an interactive version of the map at https://maps.ofehr.media/maps/ukraine